Kevin Mercurio


PhD candidate at TCD researching the impact of microRNAs on the gut microbiome. Outside the lab, writes fiction/poetry & hosts the Metaphorigins Podcast. Stays skeptical but curious.

Namrata Iyer


Scientist and project manager. Intrigued by people and their journeys, both within and outside of research. Avid movie, music and reading enthusiast.

Melissa Hoover

Melissa Hoover

Graphic Designer

Hi, there! Content Designer with IBM, volunteer graphic designer for PoS Ireland! Three years now and I'm excited to see what happens in 2024. Thanks for dropping by and do enjoy the digital content!

Cathleen Hughes

Cathleen Hughes

Marketing Manager

Undergraduate physiology student at TCD. Interested in further pursuing healthcare & hopeful for a more accessible scientific future. Found exploring other cities or spending time with her pets.

Ciara Varley

Outreach Manager

Sci-comm professional and enthusiast! B.Sc. in Biotechnology and MA in Science Communication grad working as a communications officer for two research projects. Avid baker and science writer.

Rachna Gowlikar

Dublin Chapter Manager

Molecular Biology Researcher specialising in plant genome editing at UCD. Science enthusiast fostering collaboration and joy. Outside the lab, I paint, dream of Nobel prizes, and delve into mystery-laden discoveries through books.

Eleanor Dunn

Fundraising Manager

Eleanor is a PhD researcher at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Her research focuses on earthquake activity in and around Sierra Negra volcano, Galápagos and best practises for geoscience communication.

Anuj Agarwal

Anuj Agarwal

Cork Chapter Manager

An accidental Project Manager who dreamt of working for NASA from childhood! I feed off travelling and jet-lags apart from helping the local community I live in!

Daniela Costa

Regional Chapter Manager

PhD candidate at CÚRAM (UoG) working on an EU Multiple Sclerosis research project. SciCommer and designer on the making! My motto: “I do Science and drink coffee. I excel at the latter!” When I drop the lab coat, you can definitely find me dancing.