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Tech Toolkit: Applications from healthcare to computing

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open at 6.30pm
Event starts at 7pm
Ends at 9pm
Old Oak, 113 Oliver Plunkett St ,
Cork T12 PY8A
Join us on 13th May at the Old Oak as we take a deep dive into the world of tech. We'll put superconductors under the microscope, understand ways to predict how patients will respond to cancer therapy and explore the world of quantum computing. Event starts at 7pm.

A Study of Superconductors: Atom by Atom

Joseph Carroll (PhD student, University College Cork)
With over a hundred years of research scientists understand superconductors better than ever before. But what is a superconductor? How do they work? And most importantly why should you care? In my research I use scanning tunnelling microscopes (STMs) to study the properties of these strange materials atom by atom to better understand why they become superconducting and to discover new superconducting properties previously unseen. So, let’s discuss how these STMs work and how they’re used to reveal a world of quantum mechanics

Prediction of radiotherapeutic response in cancer patients prior to the radiotherapy

Dinesh Kumar Reddy Medipally (Postdoctoral researcher, Technological University Dublin)
Radiotherapy (RT) is used to treat approximately 50% of cancer patients.However, RT causes a wide range of adverse late effects that can affect a patient's quality of life. There are currently no predictive assays in clinical use to identify patients at risk of normal tissue radiation toxicity. Development of such assay could lead to indivisualised patient treatment and avoidance of unnecessary RT in radiosensitive patients. My research focuses on development predictive assay that can predict patient response prior to the therapy.

Quantum Computing Unraveled: Exploring the Mysteries Beyond the Binary

Anila Mjeda (Lecturer, CyberSkills / MTU / Lero)
Hazel Murray (Lecturer, CyberSkills, Munster Technological University)
Join us for an engaging and interactive discussion on the revolutionary world of quantum computing, where the rules of traditional computing are rewritten, and the boundaries of what is possible are expanded beyond imagination.
We will embark on a journey through the quantum realm, where bits can be both 0 and 1 simultaneously, and information can exist in states unattainable by classical computers. Discover how researchers are harnessing these phenomena to push the boundaries of human knowledge and computing capability.
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