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Hemp, Climate, and the Maya: Insights from Ireland

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors Open 6:30pm
Start 7pm
End 9pm
Slattery's D1, 129 Capel St,
Dublin D01 YN83
Join us at Slattery's D1 on Monday, May 13th at 7pm to discover Irish climate trends, Maya civilization, and groundbreaking hemp research.

Examining historical meteorological records to assess climate change

Carla Mateus (Assistant Professor, Maynooth University)
Ireland has a great heritage of long-term historical air temperature observations. The analysis of historical air temperature records is crucial to analyse trends in air temperature and daily extreme air temperature indices and to examine modern climate warming within a historical context.

The depths of Xibalba: Lessons from caves on the Classic Maya collapse and climate resilience today

Pete Akers (Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin)
Classic Maya society flourished for over 500 years in Mesoamerica before unravelling in the 9th century CE. Drought records from caves are teaching us why some city-states thrived while others collapsed.

The battle of the sexes: sex determination in plants

Rainer Melzer (Assistant Professor, University College Dublin)
The genetics as to how male and female sexes are specified is well understood in animals. However, in plants sex determination mechanisms are only beginning to be explored. I will talk about how male and female plants are specified genetically. A particular focus will be on our research on sex determination in hemp.
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