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Regenerative Medicine: Seaweed, spinal implants, and cold plasma

Past event - 2024
15 May Doors Open 6:30pm
Start 7pm
End 9pm
The Lighthouse, 88 George's Street Lower,
Dublin A96 YA39
Join us at the Lighthouse Pub on Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm for using mesenchymal cells and a seaweed for regenerative medicine, designing soft implants for spinal cord injuries, and researching the effects of cold plasma on glioblastoma cells!

Nature's Toolbox: Seaweed's role in enhancing collagen production for regenerative medicine

Giulia Giuffredi (PhD Candidate, University College Dublin)
When we grow stem cells in a lab dish, they don't produce collagen as efficiently as they would in our bodies. The addition of a seaweed makes stem cells start producing more collagen and components that help build tissues. This phenomenon has a potential for regenerative medicine.

Plasma: From Fiction to Reality in Cancer Treatment

Beatriz Lopes (PhD Student, University College Dublin)
Did you ever wonder what Thor, Iron Man and Star Wars have in common? Plasma! What if I tell you that it can also be used as a new technology for fighting cancer? Curious? Join me if you want to discover how fiction could meet reality.

Electricity, Sponges and Scribbles: 3 Not-So-Simple Steps Towards Rebuilding the Spinal Cord

Ian Woods (Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland)
Spinal cord injury can be devastating and no single treatment is effective. But maybe there is no single answer? 3D-printing may unlock multi-functional implants capable of overcoming this complex challenge and achieving repair.
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