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Brain Health: Waste clearance, psychedelic therapy, and emotional understanding

Past event - 2024
14 May Doors Open 7pm
Start 7:30pm
End 9:30pm
Kennedy's, 30-32 Westland Row,
Dublin D02 FR90
Join us at Kennedy's on Tuesday, May 14th at 7:30pm for utilizing microscopy for brain waste diseases, investigating psychedelic assisted therapy, and making sense of complicated emotions like gratitude or hate.

Cleaning the Brain - The importance of sleep

Janosch Heller (Assistant Professor, Dublin City University)
Poor sleep could contribute to the development of neurological diseases. I will talk about how the brain clears toxic build up while we sleep and how we might be able to improve this waste clearance.

From Ceremony to Clinic: Investigating Psychedelics for Mental Health

Kathryn Ledden (Clinical Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin)
Can psychedelic substances help people live well? What are the benefits and risks, and what are the challenges of studying them? An interactive discussion from the frontier of mental health research.

How are they feeling? Using neuroscience to learn more about how we recognise emotions

Anna Trimborn (PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin)
In our daily life, it is helpful to understand the emotions of others. To learn more about how we recognise and make sense of complicated emotions like joy, relief, anger or hate, we study the brain.
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