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Atoms to Galaxies

Past event - 2023
23 May Doors Open 7pm
Main Event 7:30-9pm
The Bernard Shaw, Cross Guns Bridge,
Dublin D09 XW44
Join us at The Bernard Shaw on Tuesday, 23rd May at 7:30pm! In this "Atoms to Galaxies" event, talks include quantum computing, friction reduction in materials science, non-local behaviour, and internet from light.

Simulating Molecular Vibrations with Quantum Computers

Niall Robertson (Research Scientist)
The behaviour of atoms and molecules is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Understanding how atoms rotate, vibrate and interact with other molecules is crucial for various fields such as chemistry, materials science, and drug discovery. Unfortunately, even our best computers in the world are not powerful enough to accurately predict and understand this behaviour for many of the most interesting and potentially useful molecular systems. Quantum Computing offers a potential path to overcome this obstacle and hence deepen our understanding of the atomic world.

2D materials to make surfaces super slippery

Zahra Gholamvand (Research Fellow)
The SSLiP project uses 2D materials to make surfaces super slippery, reducing friction and wear between rubbing surfaces. This has potential applications in creating more efficient and longer-lasting technology, reducing energy consumption and wear costs,and promoting sustainability. By investigating different types of 2D materials and integrating them into real-world applications, the SSLiP project is an exciting example of how scientific research can benefit society. By developing new materials and techniques, researchers are helping to create a more efficient, sustainable future.

Building Bridges between quantum and chaotic systems

John Campbell (PhD Student)
Quantum entanglement is demonstrated daily around the world as instantaneous links between particles that remain strong, secure no matter how far apart the particles may be. Meanwhile, another strange phenomenon abounds in our universe – chaos. It also invokes a kind of spooky action at a distance, not only in space but in time. Non-local behaviors seen in entanglement and chaos can act on complex systems. These systems are all around us, from the signaling of animals, the synchronization of pendulums, even how particles interact in the phases of matter.

Internet from Light

Rangana Banerjee Chaudhuri (Research Fellow)
Can we imagine a world where Internet will be coming from light at a much faster rate than the present Wi-Fi? How about providing internet to multiple customers simultaneously using multiple wavelengths? We are taking about Optical Frequency Combs. These are teeth-like structures (ex. Hair comb) that emit multiple wavelengths simultaneously like closely spaced yet separated car tracks that runs parallel without mixing. Now if some information is there in different tracks (say some cargo), then different people standing at the end of different tracks can get them simultaneously.
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