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Overview of Pint of Science Ireland

Local Volunteers organise events in their local pubs and/or cafes. One of these volunteers will act as the Team Lead. The Team Lead will organise their group, and keep the Chapter Manager up to date on how their team is doing.

Chapter Managers oversee Local Volunteers (including Team Leads), and are mainly in contact with the Team Leads. 

Chapter Managers form part of the National Team, who make decisions about how the festival will be run and carry out the background logistics so that the festival can be run each year. Any decisions made by the National Team are communicated to the Team Leads, who then communicate these decisions to their team of Local Volunteers. 

The National Team is made up of a number of different roles. The co-directors for Pint 2022 are Ashleigh Gorman and Anna Wedderburn.

What roles are available?


Chapter Manager - Cork

The Chapter Manager will act as a go between for the National Team and the local volunteers. They will help make decisions on what should be done for Pint of Science 2022, such as who will speak at the events, and will manage a number of teams organising Pint of Science Ireland 2022 events. Chapter Managers will also help the teams they are managing if they have any questions or issues.

The Cork Chapter Manager will be responsible for local teams based in Cork.


If you are interested in joining the National Team please complete this form and we will be in touch. If you have any queries please email us [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.