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From A to I: Orbiting the New Technological Frontier

Please note this venue is wheelchair accessible.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 6.30pm
Event starts 7pm
Ends at 9pm
Kennedy's Bar, Townparks, Dundalk, Co. Louth,
Dundalk 2H2Q+24
Sold Out!
Can AI can be used for both scientific and creative pursuits? What can satellite images tell us about climate changes? Examine the tech that powers these diverse fields at our event in Kennedy's bar on 15th May.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Niamh St John Lynch (She/her) (PhD Candidate, DkIT)
AI is here and we need to get with the programme. The healthcare industry have 100s of AI medical devices in the market, primarily in radiology which make up 77% of AI medical devices right now in the US alone. The AI software uses statistical methods to predict the likelihood of an image being a disease or not and helps the doctors in their diagnosis and treatment plans. My research is helping to identify the regulatory requirements to ensure we have trusted AI devices on the market in healthcare.

Exploring Historical and Future Changes in Lake Titicaca Surface Water Temperature: Insights from Earth Observation and Model-Derived Data

Dieu Anh Dinh (She/her) (PhD researcher, Dundalk Institute of Technology)
This study uses satellite images and model-derived data to examine how climate change has affected the surface temperature of Lake Titicaca over different time periods (diurnal, seasonal, annual)

AI and Creativity

Róisín Loughran (She/her) (Research Manager, Dundalk Institute of Technology)
What does it mean to say an AI can be creative? Many people accept AI in technical domains, but are much more uncomfortable when we apply such tools to creative applications such as music. I will present some ideas around the use of AI in creative applications such as music the and opportunities and risks that this will pose for us.
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