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Present Sustainability for a Better Future

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors Open 7pm
Start 7:30pm
End 9pm
Mulranny Arts Center, The Old Convent, Mallaranny, Co. Mayo,
Mallaranny F28 N2Y5
Sold Out!
Join us at the Mulranny Arts Center on Monday, May 13th at 7:30pm for all things sustainability; green molecules from ancient solar power, harnessing wind power through kites, developing your own organic garden, and more!

New Insights to Plants

Klaus Laitenberger (Gardener, Green Vegetable Seeds)
The talk will explore recent scientific evidence which shows how plants can communicate through the fungal network in the soil. There is nurture and communion within the ecosystem. We will also discuss the dependency on just a small number of important food crops and its consequences. Only 3 plant species account for 50% of the global calorie intake and thus they are grown in very intense farming systems with high inputs of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. We look into the importance of diversification for the benefits of the Earth, people and soil.

Green Molecules for Green Energy

Eoin Syron (Assistant Professor, University College Dublin)
Energy drives all physical and chemical process in the world around us. Ancient solar energy as fossil fuels has been the primary source to improve our quality of life, can we utilise current incomming energy to continue our development?

Blowing Away the Competition: Leading the way with wind energy technologies

Padraic Doherty (Operator, Kite Power)
I will be talking about airborne wind energy and how Kite Power is one of the leading technologies of the future for a cleaner and more sustainable energy source. I will give an overview of how this energy system works.

Introduction to Sustainability

John Barrett (Past Researcher in Aquaculture)
MC for the event.
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