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Sunny chemistry, how sunlight can save the world

Past event - 2022
11 May 6-7pm
Poor Relation, 19 Parnell Pl, Centre,
Cork T12 HX98

Photoactive metals in medicine

Christopher Burke (Dr)
I am a lecturer in analytical chemistry at UCC. My research background centres on the development of luminophore sensors for live cellular imaging/sensing applications and their use as photo-triggered therapeutic agents. I am currently interested in developing new smart sensors based on the supramolecular assembly of photoactive components, particularly for bio-analytical applications.

Water and sun as a source of renewable energy

Davide Tiana (Dr)
Leading the Cork Computational Chemistry and Programming group, I am a lecturer at UCC since 2017. With a background in fundamental chemistry, I am interested in solving problems and rationalise properties and atomistic level.

Medicines and food

Callum Declan Ryan (UCC)
I am an SSPC funded, first year PhD student at the School of Pharmacy UCC. My research explores designing food-independent formulations of oncology drugs that display food-effects. My research also looks at developing lipophilic salts of these drugs, in an effort to maximise the dose of the drug in the formulation.