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STEAM out loud - DIY Renewable Energy

This event is FREE and will be live streamed on Zoom, please register for link
Past event - 2022
11 May 6-7pm
Online, Zoom,
Online Your home
Gregoire Durrens co-founder of Fabship, a non-profit organization working for a sustainable production model and Anastasia Pistofidou, fablab expert will deliver a virtual talk on Fabship an off-grid FabLab, powered by renewable energy.

DIY Renewable Energy

Anastasia Pistofidou (FabLab expert)
Gregoire Durrens (co-founder Fabship)
Fabships enable communities to build resilience and grow autonomy. By combining low-tech and digital fabrication technologies, Fabships foster innovation and low-cost alternatives to the growth-obsessed development model. In their parallel ways, FabLabs and Earthships have been challenging the limits of technology and sharing their learning openly; empowering citizens to become more ecologically conscious and technologically savvy. Fabships unite both movements under one roof; exploring the reach and scope of digital manufacturing within a radically sustainable and community-driven model.

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2022-05-11 DIY Renewable Energy Online Zoom, Online, Your home
11 May
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DIY Renewable Energy

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