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Our Society

This venue is wheelchair accessible
Past event - 2023
22 May Doors Open 6:30pm
Main Event 7-9pm
JJ Bowles, 8 Thomondgate,
Limerick V94 HK74
Join us at JJ Bowles on Monday 22nd May at 7pm! In this "Our Society" event, talks include changes in the workplace, diseases that effect women more than men.

The Future of Work: dead-end jobs or decent, meaningful work

Maeve O’Sullivan (Lecturer in Management & Decent Work)
The term 'Future of Work', popularised by the International Labor Organization and consultancy firms like McKinsey, captures the idea that work and workplaces may be undergoing radical changes due to the interactions of a range of trends including technological change, 4th industrial revolution, globalisation and migration, increasing longevity and climate change.
The confident predictions of experts as to what will change (and how) are more often wrong than right. This discussion will explore how these trends are already impacting societies, organisations, individuals and the quality of work.

Is a society free from fear possible?

Prof Stephen Kinsella (Professor)
Happiness is increasing almost everywhere, but happiness is not equal over your life. New research shows what we need to do to be happy, but a surprising amount of research suggests what we need most after our basic needs are met is not more resources, but freedom from fear. This talk will give you a peak at the latest research and suggest three ways to make society (and your life) less fearful.

Mission Possible: Pioneering the future of fertility, men in the spotlight

Omar Ammar (Practicing Clinical Embryologist, PhD Student)
Join my presentation on an insightful exploration of human fertility, its societal significance, and future prospects.  The presentation will focus on male infertility, a topic of crucial importance yet often overlooked. Discover innovative research and ground breaking developments in fertility preservation, presented in simple, easy-to-understand language. Will provide a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of fertility and how we're working to ensure it's a brighter one. Don't miss this enlightening journey. Join us!
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