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The Good, The Bad and The Hungry

Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open at 6.30pm
Event starts at 7pm
Ends at 9pm
Old Oak, 113 Oliver Plunkett St ,
Cork T12 PY8A
Sold Out!
You may not be able to see them, but microbes are all around us, even inside our bodies and they come in all flavours. From beneficial microbes that impact our eating to bacteria that cause disease and how we can better fight them. Join us at the Old Oak on 14th May at 7pm to discover more about our invisible friends and foes.

See the invisible - how can we improve bacterial detection?

Luiza Wasiewska (Postdoctoral Researcher at APC Microbiome (a world leading SFI Research Centre))
They are everywhere, but we cannot see them. Without a doubt, they have a huge influence on our lives and health, both positive and negative. Bacteria can cause many dangerous infections which, if untreated, could lead to serious consequences. With an increasing problem of antibiotic resistance, this is a big issue. On the other hand, probiotic bacteria are a promising therapeutic solution to treat digestion issues, obesity, and even depression! Surprisingly, rapid detection of specific microbes remains a challenge. The traditional methods of bacteria detection can take several days. That is a long time when faced with a decision on the specific treatment which should be applied. My research focus on both good and bad bacteria, and my aim is to improve the detection methods we use. In my talk, I will share the details of how we attempt to see the invisible.

The role of diet and gut microbiome on Listeria monocytogenes pathogenicity.

Monica Cazzaniga (PhD student at APC Microbiome Ireland (a world leading SFI Research Centre))
Listeria monocytogenes is a food-borne pathogen that causes listeriosis. While the infection rate is relatively low, the potential for large common-source outbreaks remains, posing significant risks to the ready-to-eat food sector and human health. Moreover, it is crucial to explore alternative antibacterial compounds to combat listeriosis and prevent contamination in the food industry. During my talk, you will discover how the food sector prevents the growth of Listeria and learn about the latest developments regarding this pathogen. Additionally, I will highlight the importance of potential new antibacterial compounds that could delay the pathogenicity of Listeria in the host. Can you imagine that they can be derived from insects?

Cradle to Cravings: how gut microbiota shapes healthy eating

Cristina Cuesta Marti (PhD Student, University College Cork and APC Microbiome Ireland (a world leading SFI Research Centre))
Your first years of life or the early stages hold immense importance in shaping our future well-being. In a recent study conducted with mice, we found that an unhealthy diet, rich in fats and sugars, during this early-life led to significant changes in eating behaviour and weight gain later in life, specifically in adult mice.
This study also highlights the potential of targeted interventions, like pre- or probiotics, in alleviating later in your life the adverse effects induced by how you ate in your early-life, offering hope for a healthier future.
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