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You know you're Irish when…

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Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 6.30 pm Event 7-9 pm
The Oslo's Bar, 224 Bóthar Ná Uachtarach,
Galway H91 K7WF
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Irish culture, music and outdoors activities are surely aspects that come easily to mind when you think of Ireland dwellers. So come tonight to Oslo's bar if you want to know more about these topics from very interesting and perhaps unexpected points of view!

Isn't that Gas! - A Dive into the Cultural Gene Pool.

Eugene Jordan (Information Technology Consultant)
Irish society of today has a number of unique cultural biases which differ from those of the past generations! Or do they? Could they be the same old biases, manifest in different ways? These biases influence everything from education to government but cultural biases are not all bad, are found in all nations and are the progenitor of social identity. What lurks in the Irish subconscious and how well do we know ourselves?

Symmetries in Music

Prof. Götz Pfeiffer (Professor in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, NUI Galway)
The study of connections between music and mathematics goes back at least to ancient philosophers like Plato, who also lends his name to the five regular convex polyhedra known as the Platonic solids. The symmetries displayed by these objects and their analogues in higher dimensions are studied in the mathematical discipline of Group Theory. In this talk, I will demonstrate how certain groups of symmetries, generated by reflections, act on geometric structures in music, and allow us to *hear* mirror images.

The NEAR Health project

Dr Gesche Kindermann (Academic Co-ordinator in the Applied Ecology Unit at NUI Galway)
The Nature and Environment to Attain and Restore (NEAR) Health Project aims to connect people with blue and green nature spaces. The overall aim of the NEAR-Health project is to assist communities value a healthy environment, maintain healthy lifestyles and promote and restore wellbeing. We will utilise perceptions and values to develop a framework that integrates health and environment in Ireland, devise and pilot toolkits to evaluate what communities value in relation to public spaces and to pilot the mechanisms and pathways to mobilise use of parks, coasts and other nature-based solutions.