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The Human Blueprint

Please note this event takes place at the Blu Bar
Past event - 2019
20 May 6:30pm - 9:30 pm
Doyle's, 9 College St,
Dublin D02 WN62
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  Join us upstairs in Doyle's Pub in city centre as we explore the wonders of the human body, how we got this far, how we keep up with the ever changing world around us and how regenerative medicine is shaping the next chapter of our story.

Healing through the blood

What if we could use our blood to extract components that would help us heal lesions all over the body? In this talk, I am going to explore ways to do so. Particularly, I will focus on what I do in my research, which is to investigate the use of platelets to promote tissue repair. Also, how we can combine platelets with the most abundant protein the body, collagen, to make an implantable biomaterial capable of boosting wound healing. I hope that attending this talk, the you will have the notion that the answer to healing different damaged tissues and organs using high tech approaches.

A Song of Betrayal and Immunology

Doctor Vanesa Martinez (Senior Researcher at Solvotrin Therapeutics)
An army of warriors protect the kingdom: the bravest, the most ruthless, the best. But woe betide if they betray their masters… there shall be no mercy. Their only destiny shall be DEATH! You wouldn’t think I’m taking about the immune system now, would you? But our immune system really is like an army. It protects us from a number of threats, but it can also turn on us and cause autoimmune diseases. Come hear an epic tale of fighting, sacrifice and high mortality rates…

Humanology: a scientist’s guide to our amazing existence

Professor Luke O'Neill (Professor (Chair of Biochemistry))
What does science tell us about what it is to be human? I will take you on an incredible journey across centuries and galaxies, explaining how it all began, how it all will end and everything in between. You will hear about the science behind how we got to be so smart, why sex with a caveman was a good idea, the science of finding love, why we follow religions, and how robots will become part of everyday life. I will give you a humbling reminder that we’re just a small speck in a big universe – so kick back, have a pint and maybe a laugh or two!

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9 College St, Dublin, D02 WN62 9 College St, Dublin, D02 WN62
21 May
Sold Out!

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