Other Ardara, Donegal events

Space: Theory and Practice

Past event - 2022
10 May 5.30-6.30
Nancy's Bar, Front Street, Ardara ,
Donegal 0000 000

Black holes: the dark heart of General Relativity

Dr Christiana Pantelidou (Research Fellow)
Dr John E. Ward (Space Product Manager, Réaltra Space Systems Engineering)
Dr. Pantelidou completed her PhD at Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof. Jerome Gauntlett. She then undertook post-doctoral research at the University of Barcelona, Durham University & at Trinity College Dublin (as a Marie Curie Fellow). She joined the UCD School of Mathematics & Statistics in October 2021 as a Royal Society - SFI Research fellow. Her research lies primarily within the area of Mathematical Physics, with special focus on gravitational & high-energy physics.
She is passionate about public outreach & about promoting equality, diversity & inclusion in STEM.

Shake, Bake, Shock and Zap – How to Build for Space

Dr John E. Ward (Space Product Manager, Réaltra Space Systems Engineering)
John E Ward is a Space Product Manager at Réaltra Space Systems Engineering. One of his main roles is as project manager of the Independent Video Kit (VIKI), a camera system for launchers which recently flew on the Ariane 5 that launched the James Webb Space Telescope. Other roles include senior systems engineer for the ESA PLATO mission, involvement in projects including wireless communications for launchers and machine-learning applications in space. He is passionate about growing the space industry in Ireland and supporting young scientists and engineers who wish to pursue a career in space