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Science by the Shannon

Strictly over 18s. Please note that the venue contains steps and may not be fully accessible to some attendees.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 18.30
Event Runs from 19.00 - 21.00
JJ Bowles Pub, 8 Thomondgate,
Sold Out!
On Wednesday the 22nd of May JJ Bowles will host researchers and academics from the University of Limerick as part of the Pint of Science Festival! We have some really interesting talks lined up with speakers from several research centres based in UL including Confirm (Smart Manufacturing), Lero (Software), SSPC (Pharmaceuticals), the Faculty of Science & Engineering, MACSI (Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry ) & the Kemmy Business school. It promises to be a great event so come along and hear about some of the fascinating STEM research taking place at the University ...

How to Manufacture a Long Island Iced Tea (Cobot-Style)

Andrew O' Riordan (PhD Student (Confirm - Smart Manufacturing))
James Coady (PhD Student (Confirm - Smart Manufacturing))
With the recent shift in industry, moving toward smart manufacturing as well as autonomous solutions to multiple challenges in all walks of industry, we explore the capabilities, limitations and research areas of the most versatile tool of Industry 4.0; Collaborative Robots (Cobots).
This talk aims to address the versatility of cobots and acknowledge their incorporation into areas outside of manufacturing, as well as the ease of operation of the more modern systems available off the shelf.

Whiplash detection – An Investigation of Road Traffic Accidents and Minor Personal Injuries

Darren Shannon (Lecturer (Finance) (Lero))
Motor insurance claims have skyrocketed in the UK and Ireland despite a drop in road traffic accidents (RTAs). Most of these are for whiplash, leading to higher insurance premiums and increased pressures on administration. Given that there is a link between claims and whiplash recovery time, and that many admit that they would exaggerate their injuries for a payout, there is evidence that some whiplash claims may be fraudulent. This analysis tries to predict the chances of sustaining whiplash by investigating the factors involved in RTAs that result in whiplash.

Crystal Science: It’s a girl thing

Nope... Not another feminist talk! Do you know why we went to kindergarten? Why we used building blocks in kindergarten? Did you know you were learning a whole new aspect of science? No? Well these women just like you, went to kindergarten but learned things in a different way. They transformed the existence of life and science. Dorothy Hodgkin once said "I was captured for life by chemistry and by crystals". Crystal science was definitely a girl's thing then

Surviving Risky Statistics

Norma Bargary (Lecturer of Statistics)
Numbers, data and statistics are a key part of our lives. We use them when choosing whether to wear a coat given today's weather forecast or whether to play the lotto. We are bombarded by numbers and statistics in the media every day. Understanding where these numbers come from and what they really mean can help us to make more informed decisions. This talk will discuss uncertainty, risk, and how statistics are presented in the media. It will also give some tips on how to spot when things go wrong!

Bridging the Language Gap with Technology

Tabea De Wille (Lecturer, Director of Localisation Research Centre, UL)
Whether in personal interactions, between communities or on a global level - we all deal with communication barriers.

This presentation showcases a range of technological solutions that have been proposed with the goal of bridging the language gap. A special focus is on the impact of technology on minority and endangered languages.