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Redesigning Healthcare

Please note, this event takes place downstairs and there is no step-free access. Look forward to special food & drink deals on each night.
Past event - 2019
21 May 18:30 - 21:30
JT Pim's, 4, South Great George's Street,
Dublin Dublin 2
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Health is probably one of the most important and relevant fields for us all and thus must be constantly evolving towards better, cheaper and more accessible health solutions for all! With our speakers, we will explore the newest ventures and professions that are helping to push the borders of how do we keep ourselves healthy!

eHealth Regulation and Governance

Dr. Tim Jacquemard (Postdoctoral Reseracher at Future Neuro)
Digitalisation and the internet offer great opportunities in health. Electronic health records (EHR) help doctors exchange critical information about patients. However, these technologies can be used in different ways and for different purposes. These different possibilities trigger social and ethical concerns: EHRs can take up a lot of the doctor’s time; they can jeopardise the patient’s privacy; and they can introduce further commercialisation of personal medical data. In my research, I aim to identify ethical and social challenges and opportunities around eHealth and especially around EHRs.

What is a Medical Physicist?

Dr. Naomi Mc Elroy (Senior Medical Physicist)
Did you know there is a profession called Medical Physicist? Medical Physics deals with the interaction of matter and energy in medicine. Physical principles are applied to medicine to help prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Working with other healthcare professional, medical physicists apply science to prioritise patient care in a high quality, safe and effective environment. Medical Physicists safeguard the welfare of the patient, the public and workers. This talk aims to give a bit more information on this hidden area within the healthcare service and how it impacts your hospital visit.

How to Spot Fake Medical Technologies

Dr. Ash Watson (VP. Product Engineering, Think Biosolution )
Ash Watson is VP of Product Engineering at Think Biosolution, a Dublin based start-up company making wearable medical devices and patient monitoring platforms. In researching and designing wearables and closely watching other players in the rapidly expanding wearables and outpatient monitoring market, we have become quite adept at spotting snake oil, charlatanry and simply non-viable products. Here Ash explores some tell-tale signs, some basic reality checks, and some bizarre examples of hyperbolic over-promising.

The benefits of eHealth

Jack Banks (PhD student)
Jack’s research seeks to examine the health and well-being benefits of eHealth mediated services and care for people with epilepsy. Through anthropological research and ethnographic case studies in a cohort of patients, carers and healthcare providers, his work seeks to build a picture of current barriers and facilitators to eHealth adoption for epilepsy care.

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