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Pub Science: Science of the Irish Pub

Please note, this event takes place downstairs and there is no step-free access. Look forward to special food & drink deals on each night.
Past event - 2019
22 May 18:30 - 21:30
JT Pim's, 4, South Great George's Street,
Dublin Dublin 2
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Pint of Science 2019 presents ... Science of the Irish Pub! Learn the truth behind the Irish Pub from the science of a few scoops to the art of the perfect spud and how we can improve in sport. Craic guarenteed.

Potato Genomics

Dr. Fergus Meade (Postdoctoral Researcher at Teagasc)
Developing predictive biotechnology-based tools to select for processing characteristics and multiple disease resistances in potato breeding

Muscle Mania and the "Mighty"-Condria - Crossing Bridges for Sporting Performance and Health

John Noone (PhD Researcher, National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, School of Health and Human Performance, DCU)
In many ways the exercising human can be compared to a machine, converting one form of energy into another to perform mechanical work. Multiple rate limiting factors influence this complex biological machine, from the functioning of our cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, nervous, and endocrine systems to their overall interplay with the external environment. Making up to 40% of the human body the musculoskeletal system is one of the most important systems when it comes to overall metabolic health and sporting performance. This talk will discuss the adaptability of our muscle to the different en

The cult of beer

Ruaidhri Barry (Grand Cru Beers) (Beer Academy Certificate holder/Sales Representative for Grand Cru Beers)
I'll discuss the breakdown on the history of beer, its cultural diversification, its development in recent years and its future. Different techniques globally and new age techniques. Conclude with some of the weird and wonderful beer styles out there.

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4, South Great George's Street, Dublin, Dublin 2 4, South Great George's Street, Dublin, Dublin 2
21 May
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Redesigning Healthcare

Body 14 Stethoscope