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Dundalk Festival Launch - Science and the world around us

Please note, this event takes place upstairs. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30
The Spirit Store, George's Quay, Marsh North,
Come and find out about how energy is used in water and wastewater treatment; how we can forecast changes in water quality; and how storms and droughts effect our lakes. And be in with a chance to win some Pint of Science goodies! The event will be upstairs in The Spirit Store in Dundalk and is for those aged 18 years and above. See you there!

Storms, heatwaves and lakes?

Harriet Wilson (Postgraduate Research Student)
Less than 0.01% of the world’s water comes from lakes, yet they are one of the most important water supplies for modern societies.
Storms, heatwaves and floods are all extreme weather events that have a direct impact on lakes. In Europe, 2018 was a year of record-breaking high and low temperatures and brought extreme snow storms and droughts to Ireland.
What do these weather extremes mean for lakes, what lives within them, and the resources they provide for society?

Now it’s time for the water quality forecast…

Tadhg Moore (Postgraduate Research Student at Dundalk Institute of Technology)
Water is a crucial part of our everyday lives and every day each household uses around 250L. Where does this water come from and how can we ensure that we are getting clean water? What are the challenges we face in maintaining good water quality?
We can use models to help us predict changes in water quality because the water we drink is a result of the interaction between the environment arounds us and the weather that brings the water.

It’s time to talk about our sewers…

Eoin Daly (Postgraduate Researcher)
“Out of sight and out of mind” is a phrase we might use to describe our relationship with sewers. Should we really care what happens with the flush of a toilet or after water passes down the drain? Many of us recognise the importance of the advent of clean domestic water supplies, but few give wastewater management the recognition it deserves. From social stigma to health implications, we’ll look at how society shaped wastewater management and what that means for the future of sustainable living.