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Crucial Communication

Past event - 2019
22 May 19:00 - 21:00
The Mercantile, 28, Dame Street,
Dublin Dublin 2
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Crucial Communication: Join us for an evening exploring science communication in The Mercantile (Cellar Bar)

Horrible Histories in Women's Health

Ana Panigassi (Science communicator )
This talk has some interesting little stories about how women's health inventions came about (and the science behind it), and it's as funny and gory as you might think.

Science, Pop Culture, and Podcasting

Dr. Conor Reid (Writer, podcaster, researcher + teacher )
‘Words To That Effect’ is an Irish podcast that explores the places where science, fiction, and popular culture come together to influence and inspire each other: from science fiction to utopia, climate change fiction to palaeontology, astronomy to anthropology.

Adventures of a Wikipedian

Dr. Rebecca O'Neill (Project Coordinator for Wikimedia Ireland)
From cheese plates to music festivals, the language of curation seemed to be out of control. This is the story of how one PhD went from curiosity about the use (and misuse?) of "curation" to becoming a fully fledged Wikipedian.

Science in Museums

Paolo Viscardi (Curator of Zoology, National Museum of Ireland)
There's more to museums than tweed, dusty shelves and equally dusty curators. Natural science collections hold the key to understanding climate change, food security and biodiversity. Find out more about the science in museums from an only slightly dusty Paolo Viscardi, Zoology Curator at the National Museum of Ireland.

Other events in The Mercantile

28, Dame Street, Dublin, Dublin 2 28, Dame Street, Dublin, Dublin 2
20 May
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Beautiful Minds

Mind 01 Brain
28, Dame Street, Dublin, Dublin 2 28, Dame Street, Dublin, Dublin 2
21 May
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Peering into Space

Atoms 05 Spiral Galaxy