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Airports, Oceans, and Fossils

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Past event - 2021
19 May 19:30 - 20:30
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Sammy Ball

Sammy Ball (PhD candidate at University College Cork)
Sammy Ball is a PhD candidate at University College Cork and her research focuses on wild mammals in a rather unusual environment…airports. Collisions between wildlife and aircraft are a concern to the aviation industry as they disrupt airfield operations and can inflict damage. Her research identifies the types of mammals involved in collision events (everything from voles to giraffe!) and helps develop monitoring methods for mammals at airfields using the iconic Irish hare population inhabiting the airfield at Dublin Airport (or Dublin Hare-port!)

Elena Pagter

Dr Elena Pagter (Researcher, GMIT)
Elena earned her BSc in marine biology in California, where she grew up loving the ocean. This life-long passion for the marine world landed her in Galway where she finished her MSc in marine conservation and biodiversity. She has recently completed her PhD at the Marine and Freshwater Research Centre in GMIT looking at microplastics in Galway Bay's marine sediments and their associated animals. Her Pint of Science talk will cover her current research on plastic pollution and its prevalence in the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Maria McNamara

Maria is a palaeontologist and studies fossils with powerful X-rays and lasers to understand how animals evolved colours, and how dinosaurs and birds evolved feathers. She works on many different types of fossil animals, including dinosaurs and other reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, squids, jellyfish and even sea squirts. Her research brings her all over the world on fieldwork, studying fossil specimens in the collections of natural history museums, and doing analyses at large international science labs. Learn about all this and more during her talk!

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