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Our Society: From Men to Machines

Past event - 2019
21 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Poor Relation, 19 Parnell Pl, Centre,
Cork T12 HX98
How do we shape our society and how does it shape us? Join us at the Poor Relation for a night of reflection - on men in management, on nursing, and on technology and the law.UPDATE: More tickets made available due to popular demand!

Why are There More Men in Senior Management?

Dr Monica O’Mullane (Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, ISS21, UCC)
In 2016 the Irish Higher Education Authority released a report, a gender equality review of Irish higher education, stating that a major and comprehensive “organisational and cultural shift” needs to happen in order to address gender inequalities in the sector. Dr Monica O'Mullane will explore the implications of this gender inequality, how it came to be, and where we are headed in terms of addressing it in the future.

Nursing: An Art or a Science?

Aoife O'Brien (Registered Nurse)
What are your perceptions of nursing and nursing research? Bed baths or bacteria…. shaving or streptococcus? How do we value intuitive knowledge? Do we value it at all? Are integers more relevant than intuition? Is current nursing education rooted in the humanities or the sciences and what is the public perception?
Aoife O'Brien will look at all these questions and maybe identify a few more! She will draw on some of her own research and the research of many others. Come along and decide for yourself!

How to Teach Robocop the Law

Dr Selja Seppälä (Marie Curie Career-FIT Fellow, UCC)
How do you teach a computer the meaning of legal terms needed to understand the law? RegTech, as in "regulatory technology", develops systems to extract meaning from tens of thousands of pages of financial regulation. Such systems are in high demand by banks to automate and reduce the costs of checking their compliance with financial regulations. We show how RegTech systems can automatically read and understand definitions of legal terms in regulatory texts. This new knowledge will improve the way systems interpret legal rules and identify the people, processes, and products that break them.

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19 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 HX98 19 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 HX98
20 May

Taking Flight

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19 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 HX98 19 Parnell Pl, Centre, Cork, T12 HX98