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Sustainable Planet

Please note that this event will take place upstairs and will not have step-free access.
Past event - 2019
21 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Liberty Bar, 92 S Main St, Centre,
Cork T12 Y2CC
Are we living beyond our means? How do we know if we have enough resources to feed humanity? Will the unseen pollution harm us most? Join us upstairs at The Liberty Bar for talks on planetary resource boundaries, misconceptions on plastic waste and how we can responsibly harness the planet's resources into the future.Please note that this event will be on the first floor with no step-free access.

The Biggest Treasure Hunt You've Never Heard Of

Joshua Copage (Senior Environmental Consultant, Verde Environmental Group)
The ceaseless search for economic mineral deposits around the globe presents significant social, environmental, economic and scientific challenges. With the low-hanging fruit all but gone, how do we go about finding new mineral deposits in a responsible manner that allows us to preserve our planet and way of life, whilst also facilitating the looming technological transformations that our societies and environment require. Examples of the best and worst attempts to achieve this balance show just how far the mineral exploration industry has come and how far it has yet to go.

Plastic Pollution - Challenging the Myth that What We Don't Know Won't Hurt Us

Dr Niall O'Leary (Lecturer in Microbiology, UCC)
Dr Niall O'Leary aims to shift public focus from visible plastic pollution imagery, which dominates the media currently, to the plastics we can't even see. Emerging research suggests that when plastics break down to tiny, invisible particles they're at their most dangerous. These microplastics can have the greatest impacts on our health and jump from the ocean back onto land through food webs.

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92 S Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 Y2CC 92 S Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 Y2CC