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Tech Me to the Future!

Please note that this event will take place upstairs and will not have step-free access.
Past event - 2019
21 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Franciscan Well, 14 N Mall, Sunday's Well,
Cork T23 RHW2
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We are living in an accelerated world, with an ever growing number of computers that require more and more energy, a growing population that needs food and growing piles of leftover and discarded technology. On May 21st join us on a time-travelling adventure to see how technology research today can shape a brighter future.Please note that this event will be on the first floor with no step-free access.

Supercomputers for Super Problems

Shane Garvey (PhD Candidate in Materials and Devices, Tyndall National Institute)
From extreme weather forecasting to modelling the human brain - supercomputers are being used to tackle the most complex scientific problems faced by humans today. In an attempt to increase computational power while also being more energy efficient, novel materials are being studied for their use in computer processors. Shane Garvey's work involves implementing different chemistries at the surface of these novel materials in an attempt to optimise their performance so that they can be used in the supercomputers of tomorrow.

Feeding the World with Tech

Nicolas Malterre (Research Assistant in Food & Nutritional Sciences, UCC)
As one of the main objectives of food science is to innovate in order to feed the world in 2050, the question Nicolas Malterre aims to answer is: Why is an open and creative approach to science important to allow for food technology and process innovation? His talk will focus firstly on examples of innovations that changed or will change how we see food science and the creativity behind them. Secondly it will focus on how openness to other cultures can inspire research.

Sustainable Tech

Angela Nagle (PhD Candidate in Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCC)
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) looks at the environmental impacts of a product from cradle to grave. But what about the social impacts of products & businesses, and how do we tie in the UN Sustainable Development Goals with LCA? Angela Nagle will look at this area of study in the context of the Re-Wind Project, a transdisciplinary collaboration between 4 universities in 3 countries, which aims to find sustainable reuses for decommissioned wind turbine blades.