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Food, Microbes and All Things Gut!

Past event - 2019
22 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Oyster Tavern, 54 St Patrick's St, Centre,
Cork T12 RV07
Sold Out!
Come join us at the Oyster Tavern where you'll hear about new super-shot drinks for older people and athletes, breast milk and the microbiome and bile acids, what they are and how they help our gut.This event will be upstairs but is accessible by lift.

Beverage Formulation to Improve Health Benefits

Dr Elena Arranz (Marie Curie Career FIT Postdoctoral Fellow, Teagasc)
Dr Elena Arranz develops nutritional beverages targeted at the older consumer and the athlete. She is currently investigating the effect of combining known bioactive ingredients to deliver a ‘super-shot’ in beverages in order to promote health and wellbeing. Older adults have unique dietary requirements and ageing is associated with physiological changes that can affect ease of digestion, appetite or muscle loss. A second focus is the special nutritional requirements of athletes, where muscle repair and improved performance are the basis of sport nutrition.

Breastmilk Sugars and the Microbiome

Dr Fabiana Andréa Hoffmann Sardá (Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow, APC Microbiome Ireland & Teagasc)
Breastmilk is the ideal food for babies’ development, but not all of it can actually be digested by the baby. Some of these undigested components, like human milk oligosaccharides, are intended to feed the baby's "microbiome". The microbiome is made up of millions of microbes that generally live in harmony with us. Dr Fabiana Sardá will tell us how feeding the baby's microbiome helps train their immune system and why this is important for premature babies and also for life-long health.

The Microbiota and Health in Early Life

Dr María Ángeles Núñez Sánchez (Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow, APC Microbiome Ireland)
The gut microbiota, which is a complex community of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) that inhabit our gut, has key functions in our body. Its establishment begins at birth, and its presence and composition vary over the first years of life. This establishment is a critical event in the normal development of the gastrointestinal tract during these stages of life. Imbalances in this process are linked to the development of long-term disorders such as asthma or coeliac disease. Understanding this relationship will give opportunities for the development of new preventative strategies.

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54 St Patrick's St, Centre, Cork, T12 RV07 54 St Patrick's St, Centre, Cork, T12 RV07