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Ant-Man to Star Wars: Best of Both Worlds

Past event - 2019
21 May 6:00pm - 8:30pm
The Bridge, 6 Bridge St,
Cork T23 PN88
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Time will fly as we make our journey from the sub-atomic world to the galaxies. So gear up for some fun and informative sessions on the quantum world, vivid display of light scatter and a walk through the night sky.

Quantum Mysteries and Future Technologies

Professor Andreas Ruschhaupt (Lecturer in Physics, UCC)
If we go to smaller and smaller scales then we enter the quantum world. Things get weird in here - particles behave completely different from what we might expect. In this talk, Dr Andreas Ruschhaupt will unravel some of these mysteries and counter-intuitive behaviours for us, then tell us how these oddities are being used to develop "quantum technologies".

Embrace the Rainbow: Nature's Colourful Secrets!

Dr Luke McDonald (Post-Doctoral Researcher in Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC)
Fine-tuned by millions of years of evolution, the world of natural photonics provides us with a portfolio of microscopic structures that manipulate the flow of light. From the intense, iridescent colours of beetles and butterflies, to the incredible eyes of scallops and shrimps, hear how diverse biological photonic blueprints are inspiring scientists to develop novel optical technologies.

The Universe from our Backyard

John F. Cuthbert (Observing Convenor, Cork Astronomy Club)
Independent of the ‘clear’ Cork sky, we will go on an observational tour of the summer night sky. Amateur astronomer John F Cuthbert will talk us through the life cycle, colours and clusters of stars, answering questions such as: Why are there no green stars? What colour star is our Sun? Where and when to look for the best meteor shower of the summer? Finally, he'll finish with a practical guide to planetarium apps for your phone, iPad or laptop.

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6 Bridge St, Cork, T23 PN88 6 Bridge St, Cork, T23 PN88
20 May
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"Weird Science": From Q to X